Meet my friend Pamela Caughey at Art and Success

Pamela Caughey Art and Success

My friend Pamela at Art and Success recently made a video about using my Oil Sticks which you can view below. Pam had a blast with them and I hope you do as well! Pam makes a lot of great videos to teach and inspire her students, and she has a free master class that you can take that will help you take your art to the next level. Check out her website below to learn more!

Watch Pam's Video

Meet my friends at Cold Wax Academy

Cold Wax Academy

My friend Jerry at Cold Wax Academy was kind enough to include me in one of his email blasts and during the last few months I've gotten to know a number of artists who use this Cold Wax technique which my Oil Sticks seem to work very well with as artist response has been very positive. If you'd like to explore what you can do with Cold Wax, you can find all sorts of amazing resources and instruction at their website.

Meet my friend Richard Robinson

richard_robinson Born 1975. Originally a graphic designer, Richard started painting full time in 2001. He is well known in New Zealand for his landscape paintings with much of his work residing now in private and corporate collections worldwide. More recently Richard has become a popular teacher through his instructional videos sold primarily through his website. Richard has been featured in several international arts magazines and in 2012 was the opening speaker for the worlds largest plein air painting convention held in America. He travels the world teaching and painting. Richard is married with two children, now residing in New Zealand.

Watch Oil Stick Demonstration

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