I'd love to see you at one of my workshops.

Workshop Photo

I spent two productive days as the 'guest artist' at Maryville High School in Maryville , Tenn this week. HIgh school for me was not the greatest time, but these young people are very sweet and support one another's efforts. Our classes were fun and my oil sticks seem to be well received. Students worked hard and showed some real talent! Many thanks to their art teachers, Raquel Roy and Dr. Jeannie Parker for sponsoring my visit and for helping me! I needed some help! Many thanks also to the talented art students of Maryville High School for all their efforts! Go Rebels!

Workshop Photo

Spent a great couple of hours with talented art teachers from Ashe County, North Carolina. They took to the oil sticks like ducks to a flowing stream. You can see the color and life in their paintings. Thank you Florence Thomas Art School for sponsoring this class!

Workshop Photo

We had a great time in the incredible art room at Franklin Elementary School in Franklin, Tennessee. Here are some of the talented art teachers from the class! Lots of painting was done with lots of color! Thank you to Colette and all the class members for a super workshop. I hope you all remember to think of values and to use plenty of purple!

Workshop Photo

Color and style abound on the picture wall at my workshop in Franklin, Tennessee. Art students are in good shape with the talented teachers of the Franklin and surrounding districts.


"Hey Paul,
We want to thank you for the wonderful workshop you lead for the Franklin Special School District art teachers and friends. Your demonstrations, concepts and critiques helped us to grow as artists and teachers. The two days we spent immersed in your guidance opened our eyes to new possibilities with color, composition, and techniques. The materials you made were a joy to use. We are already discussing ways to teach to our students what we learned from you. Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge and experience with us."

—Colette Chambers
Visual Arts Specialist
Franklin Elementary

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