Paul deMarrais | Artist, Instructor, Maker of Oil Sticks


Paul deMarrais My name is Paul deMarrais. For many years I was a pastel painter and wanted to learn how to paint with oil paint. The brushes, gear and techniques were foreign to me and my efforts were discouraging. I became interested in making oil sticks so I could learn to paint with oil with the pastel like techniques I was very familiar with. Thus began a seven year journey of trial and error, testing, tweaking and experimentation that continues every day. My oil sticks are bright, easy to hold and to use and I hope you will consider giving them a try. Artists around the country and the globe are creating exciting paintings with them in a variety of styles. Maybe I will meet you at one of my workshops! I enjoy working with other artists and sharing what I can to help them create the paintings they would like to create. As a veteran painter, it is now my mission to try and inspire others to enjoy the challenge of making paintings like I have. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Each painting I make is a journey and a chance to learn something. It is learning that keeps all of us moving forward in life!    A Westminster Edition website by Donnie Fischer.