Paul deMarrais My name is Paul deMarrais. For many years I was a pastel painter and wanted to learn how to paint with oil paint. The brushes, gear and techniques were foreign to me and my efforts were discouraging. I became interested in making oil sticks so I could learn to paint with oil with the pastel like techniques I was very familiar with. Thus began a seven year journey of trial and error, testing, tweaking and experimentation that continues every day. My oil sticks are bright, easy to hold and to use and I hope you will consider giving them a try. Artists around the country and the globe are creating exciting paintings with them in a variety of styles. Maybe I will meet you at one of my workshops! I enjoy working with other artists and sharing what I can to help them create the paintings they would like to create. As a veteran painter, it is now my mission to try and inspire others to enjoy the challenge of making paintings like I have. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Each painting I make is a journey and a chance to learn something. It is learning that keeps all of us moving forward in life!

New Horizons Collection

New Horizons Collection If you're ready to take the plunge into this incredible medium, my New Horizons Collection is made just for you. This set of 35 Oil Sticks in an array of color that can only be described as potent and luscious, is just waiting for you to jump in and start creating rich immersive paintings. This collection will give you a solid foundation of color to work with.
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The Diana Fritillary and Me

Diana Fritillary and Me My father got me interested in butterflies at about age 6. My mom made me a butterfly net from a broom handle, a bent coat hanger and some sheer fabric and off I went. Dad would take me out to special fields and we would have a great time. He got me a thin little Simon and Shuster book on butterflies and moths and it had a picture of a male Diana Fritillary. As I got older, we took butterfly hunting trips further south from Pittsburgh, through West Virginia into Tennessee.


Artist Spotlight

Richard Robinson


I'm always excited to see what other artists create with my oil sticks, and my friend Richard Robinson recently put them to the test and filmed a great demo showing his technique and sharing his experience with my oil sticks and how he uses them in his paintings. I encourage you to watch the video and if you like it, be sure to check out his other teaching videos!

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